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Whether you are creating, structuring, processing, distributing or simply using information, our innovative standard software products are the perfect choice for automating customer-specific processes throughout your company. We aim to find the best solution to our customers’ highly specific requirements. The features within the DOCUFY Suite fit seamlessly into existing IT infrastructures and process landscapes. With over 20 years of industry knowledge and expertise, we provide customers around the globe with solutions for digitalising their information processes.

Whether in a plane, car, train, truck or for an MRI, users have access to the right information at the right time in the right place. Excellent Information. Everywhere

Our solutions

Communication instead of copy and paste

Thanks to smartphones, we can no longer imagine everyday life without quick and easy communication. The same is true in the world of IT, where software solutions exchange data with each other as part of a network. There is no longer any need for time-consuming, manual intermediate steps that are prone to errors. However, many programs speak their own language. COSIMA Scripting allows you to create your own interfaces for providing (export) and processing (import) data in a few easy steps and make any necessary changes without having to restart the server. For example, one of our customers processes data provided by a third-party system in Excel and imports it as a structured XML to COSIMA.

COSIMA Scripting allows you to automate common user actions or interfaces with little effort, resulting in lower process costs and increased data quality.

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Image quality checks made easy

“You’re not getting in here.” We have adopted a “doorman policy” for a customer’s COSIMA project that has specific requirements for checking images. Our customer only wants graphics and images that meet certain quality criteria to be allowed in COSIMA. To this end, COSIMA automatically checks the image’s colour space, resolution and pixel size during import. Graphics and images can only be imported and used if they pass this image check.

This ensures graphics and images meet the stringent quality requirements for print and online use from the outset and throughout the entire process chain.

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Spines for technical documentation

Automatic PDF creation for vehicle instruction manuals should not stop at the spine. Different vehicle variants and translations that vary in length mean the instruction manuals have a range of thickness. To print the cover pages in the most cost-effective way, the DOCUFY Layouter automatically calculates the thickness of the spine for each instruction manual and always positions the text and the logo in the centre regardless of the number of pages. The editor only needs to specify in COSIMA the type of paper the manual is to be printed on and from which page number the spine should be generated.

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The best tool is always the one you have with you

Remember that time when you were assembling a flat-pack cabinet and one of the screws was missing? One of our customers had a similar problem. Assembly and service staff need error-free tool and material lists to carry out the planned work properly with the required number of parts. Our DOCUFY TopicPilot standard software has been upgraded to include the “dynamic tool and material list” feature, allowing users to create the tool and material list required for the work step in one simple click. This ensures the right tools are to hand and the correct number of materials is on site.


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