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DOCUFY Layouter

The Tool to design

With DOCUFY Layouter, you can offer your content the perfect framework - individually, easily and intuitively. Whether as an editor in your own company or as a documentation service provider for your customers.


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Get to know DOCUFY Layouter in our trainings! Learn how to create and manage layouts, change colors and fonts, and integrate various media.

More information is available at the DOCUFY Academy.

You want to create output layouts for your own PDFs and online media, adjust them when needed and manage them effortlessly, which is why you are looking for a readyto-use, easy-to-operate software solution that you can use to easily change your own layouts and to reuse them in derived layouts.

You can use DOCUFY Layouter to put the finishing touches on your publication. Ist intuitive interface lets you generate and manage as many layout specifications as you like and use them for different output layouts. Carry out your own individual changes to the cover page, document content, as well as headers and footers, and save them for the future. Once defined, these settings can be transferred from the master layout.

Customized documentation requires adjustable layouts. DOCUFY Layouter lets you stay open to new ideas and also ensures a consistent appearance of your published documents. Thanks to regular software updates, you also benefit almost automatically from product improvements and new derived layouts using intelligent inheritance mechanisms.

"Sudden changes in the
corporate design are no
problem - with just a few clicks
everything is adapted"


The intuitively designed
web interface can be used by any editor without
editor without any major training effort.



Laura Bürkel,
Consultant, DOCUFY GmbH



Your Advantages

Quick & easy

  • An intuitive, user-friendly web interface to easily design and manage all output layouts
  • Ready-to-use cloud solution without installation or internal IT input
  • Software automatically updates to the latest version and migration of existing layouts is guaranteed

Efficient & cost-saving

  • Layouts can be created independently with just minimal training
  • Easy design of layout variants due to timesaving inheritance concept
  • Stylesheets generated in DOCUFY Layouter can be loaded directly into COSIMA
  • Minimal administrative effort on ongoing operations

Secure & reliable

  • Cloud-based web interface is accessed via asecure browser connection
  • A sophisticated client and rights concept regulates access to layouts and protectsthem from unauthorized use
  • Due to the strict separation of layout and data, content remains in its protected environment and does not have to be transferred to the cloud
  • For quick layout tests it is possible to load test documents into the DOCUFY Layouter
  • Encrypted communication via HTTPS
  • Hosting in German data centers guarantees a secure cloud solution according to local data protection laws


  • Freely design title and cover pages
  • Define page and column formats according to your preferences
  • Format document content and define elements such as colors, fonts, line spacing and table formats
  • Simple arrangement of various directories such as table of contents, table of figures or glossary
  • Flexibly adjust the way that security and warning information is presented within the legal framework
  • Design headers and footers in just a few clicks
  • Integrate your own media, such as logos, into a layout
  • Intelligent inheritance mechanisms allow you to easily create CI-compliant, languagedependent layouts

The functions

DOCUFY Layouter allows you to effortlessly design complete layouts. It allows you to easily lay out title and cover pages, document content, and headers and footers.

Adjust title pages and cover pages

Create your title page the way you like it: for example by positioning or changing the logo or by adjusting the type, color or size of the font.

Adjust layout of document content

Adjust the layout of your document content by yourself at any time as needed. Change headings, design tables in line with your CI specifications or define the way security and warning information is presented within the legal framework.

Adjust headers and footers

Round off your layout by designing headers and footers. Change their color, height or type of frame, or integrate a logo.

Our Promise


Ready to use cloud solution
without installation
and internal IT effort.


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