docufy cax analytics

Effortlessly analyse design data while reducing production costs

docufy cax analytics

DOCUFY CAx Analytics

Effortlessly analyse design data while reducing production costs

The analysis of master data plays an increasingly important role for companies as they strive to stay competitive. Design data (2D or 3D models, drafts, assemblies) contain a range of important information that either cannot be determined through the product data management system (PDM), or only with great difficulty. DOCUFY CAx Analytics (DCA) analyses data from the Siemens NX CAD programme and provides the tools to easily and efficiently analyse the data, prepare the results in a clear and conclusive manner and deduce potential for improvement. Manufacturers implement DCA to streamline their processes, support important business decisions, uncover potential savings and thereby save valuable time and money.

Big Data with DOCUFY CAx Analytics

Big data analyses of metadata, component geometries and cost drivers allow for the simplification of legacy data processing, master data analysis, the exploitation of data quality potential and the reduction of costs.

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More time for development

High-level CAx data quality provides you with the foundation for stable changes and effective further development. The DOCUFY CAx Quality Manager is the main tool for improving your CAx data quality.

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Your objective is to use all the information contained in the design data to reduce process and manufacturing costs and to relieve all departments. To ensure you can achieve these goals, you’re looking for a simple and cost-effective solution that will reliably offer support for projects, shop floor management and the preparation of legacy data.

The analysis of large volumes of data provides the foundation for optimised manufacturing costs and stable processes throughout the product creation cycle. DOCUFY CAx Analytics is the ideal tool for the targeted analysis of all design information and its profitable implementation for your company.

The analysis of your data troves, be they 3D models, drafts or assemblies, enables the uncovering of potential savings, streamlining of processes and the reduction of costs in the long term.

 “Streamlining of processes and reduction of costs in the long term”



DOCUFY CAx Analytics allows for the targeted analysis of all design information and, with it, the identification of potential savings.




Ingo Buchardt,

Head of Sales, DOCUFY GmbH



Reduction of manufacturing costs

  • Locating price drivers
  • Minimising variety of tools
  • Make-or-buy analyses
  • Similarity search

Quality monitoring

  • Error minimisation
  • Adherence to rules and guidelines
  • Shop floor managemen

Process cost optimisation

  • Supplier data input verification
  • Feasibility analysis for contract production
  • Logistics and assembly management
  • Foundational data for various business decisions concerning a wide range of specialist areas

Legacy data processing

  • Editing and amending metadata
  • Deleting old data
  • Optimising memory requirements
  • Company-wide standardisation
  • Optimising data for downstream processes

Our test package

One-off data analysis for a use case at a reduced price and without contractual commitment: We would be happy to help you unlock the inherent potential of your data – from the preparation of legacy data to mapping out the first steps in implementing a solution. Secure our attractive test package for the preparation of an analysis of your NX data now!

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Your Benefit

  • Full use of DOCUFY CAx Analytics for the preparation and execution of your analysis requirements
  • Competent consultation on the long-term use of analyses for design, production, logistics, assembly and purchasing
  • Development of strategies for long-term cost reductions based on years of experience with long-standing customers
  • Evaluation of your savings potential based on your processes, data and CAx/PLM systems landscape

The Implementation

  • The formation of a project team comprised of your project manager and one of our experienced consultants
  • Joint implementation of the CAx Big Data analysis
  • Interpretation and visualisation of the results
  • Mapping out of necessary steps, such as reduction of manufacturing costs, data preparation and slotting optimisation for CAD users

Next Steps

  • Conversion of temporary licence into a permanent licence with rental of DOCUFY CAx Analytics or the commissioning of one of the service models
  • Seamless continuation of work after expiration of the test package
  • Regular or daily evaluations based on design data

Our Offer

  • Installation and training on the analysis options with DCA Tools
  • Execution of the desired analysis
  • Preparation of results


Fixed price: € 2,950*

*plus statutory VAT. We reserve the right to adjust prices.


Our Promise


DOCUFY CAx Analytics allows you to tap the full potential of your design data – quickly, efficiently and for the long term.



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