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Our excellent software suite allows companies to harness their information and use their knowledge to contribute to lasting business success. Thanks to our innovative thinking and our expertise, we are perfectly equipped to provide our customers with professional solutions – today and tomorrow.

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Philipp Delph


„During the week, I teach our customers how to work with COSIMA. On the weekend, I love to put on my hiking boots and get out into the great outdoors. ”

Dominik Glaser

Software developer, Trainer

„I spend half of my life improving the COSIMA user experience. The other half belongs to FC Nuremberg.””

Uta Fey


„I love talking to our customers on the phone. In my free time, I like to take trips to different cities.”

Ulrike Neppig


„Customer support, communication, and cruise ships – when I’m not on the phone with our customers, I love to relax at sea.”

Melanie Kunas


„One can dive into the functional descriptions of the DOCUFY software or into English novels. I do both. ”

Kirstin Luderer


„At DOCUFY, professional customer service and building bridges to potential new customers are at the top of my agenda. To relax, I like to bury myself in a good book. My garden is my favorite place to read.”

Holger Matthes

Senior Consultant and trainer

„Whether it’s compiling modular technical documentation or building my own Lego creations, putting things together has always been a part of my life.”

Esin Lübben


„I enjoy supporting both our customers and the DOCUFY team efficiently and professionally, no two days are the same and there are always new challenges. I like to spend my free time with my family and doing sports.”

Holger Rath

Product Manager COSIMA

„Listening is my thing. Be it as product manager of COSIMA, so I can understand customer needs. Or as a skipper of a sailing yacht, so I can interpret wind and waves.”

Nadine Prill

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

„People are important to me. At DOCUFY it's the employees, our partners and clients. At home it's my family and friends. The best way for me to relax ist to to dance - also preferably together with others!”

Philipp Schulze

COO (Chief Operating Officer)

„I love it when a plan works - this is true for me at work with all of our projects as well as at home with a game of one of my countless board games with friends.”

Alexander Bellm

Product Management and Sales DQM

„I love variety, which is why I can't limit myself to just one sport in my free time: jogging, badminton, wakeboarding are just three of my many sporting passions. This variety is also important to me in my professional life. My job at DOCUFY offers me this and gives me the opportunity to put my versatility to profitable use.”

Meiko Rudolphi

Senior Consultant DQM

„Listening, understanding and implementing are the most important pillars in communicating with my customers so that the companies can succeed. As a coach, I also expect this from my volleyball players in order to achieve athletic goals.”

Pascal Leuckert

Senior Consultant DQM

„I like it when my ideas work out. This is just as true on the job when dealing with customer inquiries as it is at home when making music with software instruments and music software products.”

Susanna Hahn

Head of Human Resources

„I find the variety of tasks in working with people exciting. Every day is different and there are always new challenges to overcome. In my free time, I like to spend time with my family and friends.”

Dominik Haag

CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

„I am always looking for the best course. Whether it's the further development of our software products or mountain biking on the trail - here and there I also like to tackle somewhat more challenging tours.”

Angelo Orlowski


„I answer the support requests of our customers. In my free time, I like to play with my little daughter, and there are lots of questions to answer.”

Franz Josef Konrad

Consultant, Sales, Training

„I enjoy fulfilling very different tasks at DOCUFY: As a sales representative, I am the first point of contact for interested parties; as a trainer, I answer all questions about the system's use during COSIMA training courses; and as a consultant, I also provide help and advice after the system has been introduced.”

Theresa von Rotenhan

Head of Marketing
parental leave

„In marketing, we work together with our colleagues from all divisions to develop exciting ideas, creative communication concepts and try to get the best out of our products every day. And in sports, too, the team drives me to personal excellence.”

Christoph Bender


„I always like to take on new challenges: At work, with changing projects and demands. And in personal life with new sports, recipes or travel.”

Alina Geuppert

Training und Technical Writer

„As a trainer, the exchange with our customers is particularly important to me in order to better understand their way of working and the tasks they complete with our software. In my free time, I also like to immerse myself in new perspectives, on or under water, preferably at Lake Chiemsee - whether sailing, snorkelling or swimming.”

Miriam Blum

Human Resources Officer

„As a human resources officer, the development and promotion of the health of our employees is close to my heart. These topics are also reflected in my free time. So you often see me in yoga gear on a mat or in outdoor gear on herbal walks.”

Johannes Frenzel


„In Customer Care, no day is like the other and I have to think about new questions every day. What helps me most is my intensive meditation practice before and after work. In doing so, I learn to understand the workings of my own mind better and better and to steer them in constructive directions.”

Kelsey Tietje

Design and Content

„I am most creative at work when I listen to music. My favourite bands are on the headphones during the day and Live in Concert in the evening.”

Uwe Fetzer


„In sales, it is important for me to understand the needs of the customers in the construction sector. Technical competence for industrial processes is very important. On a small scale, this fits very well with the projects in my wood workshop. ”

Anna-Maria Lamm

Head of Marketing

„For me as a soccer player, team spirit, loyalty, and trust are important factors for success. So it's all the nicer that these values are also lived out at DOCUFY. That's how I'm at my most creative and can also try out new things. And when things get stressful, my dog Luna, who often accompanies me to the office, helps me not to lose my head.”

Falko Schmidt

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

„Professionally, I do everything I can to manage the numbers and the organization. In my private life, I find strength with my family and an active balance in the garden and nature.”


1998 – The world is ready for XML

Uwe Reißenweber founds DOCUFY. His goal? To be one of the first players to optimize writing processes using XML.

2000 – XML goes productive

The year is 2000. There are no efficient, high-power Component content management systems (CCMS) on the market. DOCUFY fills the gap by developing its own state-of-the-art, future-oriented XML systems that can even be customized to meet specific client needs.

2004 – COSIMA is born!

The company’s expertise leads to the development of a universal basic system. COSIMA efficiently incorporates in-demand core functionalities into writing processes and significantly reduces the amount of time and effort necessary for implementation.

2008 – Ready to use, ready to go

DOCUFY launches COSIMA go!, a CCMS that can be installed without a dedicated IT project. It proves to be an industry solution that is tailored to the needs of medium-sized businesses.

2011 – Everything from a single source

DOCUFY adds DOCUFY Machine Safety to its product portfolio as a complement to COSIMA, opening the doors to faster, more efficient technical writing. The software package simplifies the CE marking process and can be used as a structural foundation for creating technical documentation.

2015 – TopicPilot is ready for takeoff

DOCUFY prepares its customers for a paperless future with TopicPilot. The mobile publication platform makes it possible to publish a wide range of information and complex documents with a minimum of time and effort – in Web- and smartphone-ready formats, both online and offline.

2016 – Future-ready documentation

DOCUFY knows the added value of technical documentation and is making it possible to leverage its value throughout its clients’ companies, even in areas such as marketing and service. Thanks to its Multi-Level Documentation strategy, DOCUFY is the first in the industry to shape documentation and publication processes in such a way that every information unit makes an optimum contribution to a company’s success in every context!

2017 – A Heidelberg Group Company

On May 1, 2017, DOCUFY became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg). In Heidelberg, DOCUFY has a strong partner to support customers in coping with growing market requirements. Together, the two companies are digitizing the service for suppliers and operators of machines and systems, offering the best processes and tools on an open platform. This is what we call Service-as-a-Service.

2017 – DOCUFY Layouter

In October 2017, DOCUFY presents its latest product: DOCUFY Layouter. This is an easy-to-use cloud solution that allows editors to design their own output layouts. Once defined, layouts can be transferred to derived layouts via intelligent inheritance mechanisms. This not only ensures consistent, corporate design-compliant output layouts, but also saves time and annoying coordination rounds.

2018 - 20 years of DOCUFY

DOCUFY GmbH has been in existence for two decades now. Uwe Reißenweber founded the company in 1998 to revolutionize editorial processes based on XML. Today, the company is regarded as the industry leader among the manufacturers of professional software solutions for technical documentation and as a visionary in the digitization and modernization of information management.

2019 - New Managing Director

The new DOCUFY Managing Director, Dr. Eckhard Geulen, looks back on many years of experience in consulting and managing medium-sized companies as well as corporate divisions. He brings along both excellent knowledge of the information industry and hands-on experience of digital transformation. Together with about 120 employees in Bamberg, he will continue to ensure that DOCUFY GmbH and its customers are enabled to transform their companies into the digital context with future-proof software and innovative concepts.

2019 - DOCUFY CAx Quality Manager

The DOCUFY CAx Quality Manager (DQM) was developed by an has been in use at the DOCUFY corporate parent Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG since 2007. In December 2019, DOCUFY GmbH added the DQM to its product portofolio and has since then been responsible for its further development and support. The application supports NX users during the entire construction process to ensure compliance with CAD rules and guidelines.

2020 - Stefan Donat is new managing director

In August Stefan Donat takes over the management of DOCUFY GmbH. The graduate engineer FH for production engineering is considered a proven expert in software development and e-commerce. His goal is to further promote the future-oriented IT strategy at DOCUFY and to contribute his know-how in building and expanding customer relationships. He looks back on many years of experience in managing software, e-business and e-commerce companies.

Shaping Sustainability our way

DOCUFY is investing in the future – and not just by developing innovative products! We also sponsor the next generation of talent in all walks of life.

Taking action for the skilled workers of tomorrow
DOCUFY is proud to support the University of Bamberg’s IT day, the Bamberger Informatik Tag (BIT). BIT is a university project aimed at getting children who are still in school interested in information science at an early age. A full day of workshops, presentations, and one-on-one chats is a great opportunity to get to know the digital world! Through its commitment, DOCUFY hopes to encourage the next generation of computer specialists and present itself as an employer for tomorrow’s IT experts.



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