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From COSIMA beginner to expert - your training path at the DOCUFY Academy

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You can go from being a COSIMA beginner to a COSIMA expert with our training programme, which is divided into three phases - basic training, specialisation and expert knowledge. You can join the programme at any time and in any phase: What matters is your ambition to use our Component Content Management System even more efficiently to make your everyday editing work easier. We will show you how to do this in our various online trainings!


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Not everyone has to be able to master everything: In the specialisation phase, you will deepen your knowledge in a very targeted way depending on the tasks you need to complete with COSIMA - be it on the topic of translation management, COSIMA administration, graphics editing with callout editor IGEL or creating layouts with DOCUFY Layouter. Anyone who has acquired specialist knowledge in at least two key areas and completed at least 12 hours of training will also receive a DOCUFY Academy confirmation here.

Phase 3 Expert Knowledge takes you to the higher levels of COSIMA: Creating scripts or Schematron rules requires a great deal of COSIMA know-how, but considerably expands your possibilities in COSIMA. If, after the basic training and the specialisation in COSIMA, you have also completed the two expert training courses, your COSIMA expert certificate, the large COSIMA expert knowledge certificate, awaits you.

Phase 1: Grundausbildung

COSIMA go! Getting started

Acquire the basic knowledge of our XML editing system in the comprehensive online training COSIMA go! Getting started and consolidate your basic knowledge of our XML editing system with numerous exercises on a demo system. Afterwards, you can start working straight away!

  • Target Group: Beginners without COSIMA knowledge (prospective COSIMA editors with and without XML experience)
  • Duration: 10 hours (3 x 3 hours plus 1 hour follow-up)
  • Kosten: EUR 999,- per participant (discounts possible)

COSIMA go! Advanced

In the online training COSIMA go! Advanced, editors who have already been working with COSIMA for about 3 to 6 months or who have comparable qualifications can deepen their knowledge in order to make their work with COSIMA more efficient.

  • Target group: COSIMA users who have completed the training COSIMA go! Getting started training course or have comparable knowledge
  • Duration: 6 hours (2 x 3 hours)
  • Costs: EUR 699,- per participant (discounts possible)

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