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door2parts is the software solution for interactive online spare parts catalogs in 2D/3D format including variant resolution. door2parts makes it possible to display spare parts and wear parts clearly and structured for different target groups. The data is taken from previous systems (ERP, PLM/PDM, CAD) and processed automatically. Through an interactive display of 2D exploded view or 3D model with the parts list, the right spare part can be found easily, quickly and efficiently.

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You want to provide your customers with a digital spare parts catalog containing all necessary spare parts information and documents to facilitate inquiry and ordering processes and to optimize processes in after-sales service.

door2parts is a standardized software solution for publishing digital spare parts catalogs that can be customized. The data is available to different user groups in the browser on all mobile devices and can be accessed at any time.

The simple and fast identification of spare parts leads to resource savings in your service department. The intuitive operation can reduce incorrect orders and increase sales in after-sales service. Digitalization in action and increased customer satisfaction Service ensure competitiveness in the market for the future,

„More than just a spare parts catalog: You have the content, we have the visualization for your digital twin“

With door2parts you map spare and wear parts in a clear and structured way.




Robert Siegel
CEO, door2solution software gmbh

Your Benefits


  • Replacement part identification and ordering is done on the customer side, saving resources in your service department
  • Reduction of incorrect orders and returns processing
  • The use of interactive 3D models reduces the service effort for exploded drawings
  • The prompt updating of spare parts information avoids incorrect orders and the processing of returns.


  • You get a modular, expandable and adaptable software solution that can grow with new requirements
  • Unlimited number of users, catalogs and documents
  • Interactive 3D models can be used as visualization components for the Digital Twin
  • door2parts relies on innovative technologies in the 3D area, which also allows the use of Virtual Reality


  • Up-to-date information for all your user groups
  • The application interface is user-friendly and easy to use
  • Multilingualism ensures unrestricted use in the most important target markets
  • All data can be controlled and revised in the integrated backend
  • Interactive 3D spare parts catalog can be run in the browser on all mobile devices without restrictions
  • A global search function makes it easy to find the right parts and documents


  • The modular structure enables continuous expansion up to a comprehensive customer portal
  • Customer specific requirements can be realized by customization
  • door2parts can be individually adapted to your corporate design


door2parts is a server-based online spare parts catalog solution and accessible via all current browsers and common end devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone). The solution can be made available publicly (via the search engine) or via login (for registered users).

door2parts runs entirely on the web - the technical requirements for server, operating system and databases are extremely low - this saves investment costs and reduces the total cost of ownership. The installation can be done onprem at the customer's site, in an external data center or in the cloud (Microsoft Azure, aws, Google Cloud).

door2parts can also be used as an offline solution. The catalog2go module is used for this purpose. It is a native HTML5 application that can display all catalogs including images and hotspots directly in the browser on all mobile devices.

In addition to a spare parts and eCommerce solution, door2parts can also be expanded into a comprehensive customer portal. In addition to spare parts, accessories and access to documents, external applications such as eLearning, news, predictive maintenance, etc. can also be integrated via integration scenarios. In this case, door2parts acts as a higher-level solution and enables users to access external applications via single sign-on (SSO).

2D exploded views (tiff, png, gif, jpg, pdf, svg...) as well as interactive 3D models without plugins can be used to display the spare parts catalogs. The integrated deep zoom engine allows seamless zooming of the drawings.

Using the print module, spare parts catalogs (general catalog) or the active assembly (page print) with all available information can be created and printed in PDF format in the user's active language

Within the material master, it is possible to search for all numbers and terms (attributes, categories, etc.). It is also possible to search for machine and plant numbers or BMK (equipment identifiers), if they are linked to the material numbers.

door2parts is UNICODE-capable and any number of languages can be configured. There is a separation of data language and GUI language (user interface). The GUI can be provided in the languages of the major markets to increase system acceptance and meet end-user expectations.

In addition to the use of revisions, a variant bill of materials (variant matrix) can be used to identify deviating components using variant identifiers. Similar construction states can be differentiated in this way by means of easily managed characteristics.

Documents can be stored for the machine, the assembly and the material. There are also custom visibility rules that can create a link between user and document. Depending on the configuration, documents can be searched within the metadata or also in the content (full text search).

Via the store module not only prices and availabilities can be displayed in door2parts, but also a complete eCommerce process including different payment options, shipping methods and shipping cost calculation can be mapped. Machine accessories, merchandise items, retrofits and upgrades can be attractively presented in suitable store templates and linked to individual machines / catalogs.

Flip catalogs are an easy way to sell online, especially when it comes to supplier data. Only the required PDF documents and the article master are necessary for the creation - the rest runs automatically (import of PDF catalogs, extraction of parts list, linking of image / parts list). As in the standard version, flip catalogs can be seamlessly zoomed using the integrated deep zoom engine.


To get a first impression of an interactive 3D spare parts catalog solution, feel free to visit our "Excavator Showcase".


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