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DOCUFY TopicPilot

The Content Delivery Platform from DOCUFY

DOCUFY TopicPilot is the search engine for information, content and know-how for future-oriented companies. Content of all kinds can be found by manufacturers and their customers at any place and at any time and can be used for specific devices. DOCUFY TopicPilot consists of server software, a web application and native apps (iOS, Android, Windows) that display information context- and role-specific on mobile devices and on the Internet. The right information at the right time in the right place.

Enterprise mobility is a strategic issue for your company. You want to make various types of information and complex documents available on mobile devices with minimum effort. Everyone should be able to find relevant information quickly and have access to it at all times.

TopicPilot is an out-of-the-box solution for publishing company-wide information on mobile devices, the intranet, or on the Web the easy way. TopicPilot can be used immediately with the existing data. Powerful searches are a major feature of the application.

TopicPilot is an out-of-the-box solution for publishing company-wide information on mobile devices, the intranet, or on the Web the easy way. TopicPilot can be used immediately with the existing data. Powerful searches are a major feature of the application.

"Be ready for the challenges of tomorrow’s industry!”

TopicPilot – the tool for topic-based management

of your Information Space.


Your benefits


Ready to use

  • You can publish all your data straight away
  • Easy data import from various sources, such as the file system
  • All required data is immediately accessible on mobile devices

Cost efficient

  • Quick and precise access to up-to-date information saves time
  • No production costs for paper and/or digital media
  • Thanks to intuitive operation, no training is required, which saves time and money
  • Ability to update individual information at any time saves time and money for updating procedures
  • You benefit from low entry costs for low user numbers and from attractive conditions for high user numbers


  • Your data is secured with the latest encryption methods
  • Hosting at German data centers guarantees a private cloud solution based on German data protection law
  • Access to your data is protected by standard authorization procedures
  • Extensive user and rights management enables you to selectively restrict access to your data by defining authorized users


  • You receive highly efficient full-text searches regardless of file format
  • All users are constantly up to date – automatically
  • A smart faceted search ensures direct access to relevant information
  • Thanks to efficient reporting, you always know who is using your data and how


  • Operation is straightforward and intuitive
  • The user interface of the mobile apps is based on the standards of the respective mobile operating system


  • TopicPilot adapts itself to your corporate design requirements
  • Enterprise versions allow for customer-specific apps and individual features

Ready for the future

  • You receive an efficient mobile publication platform and are ready to master the future challenges of a digital company
  • The volume of information and number of users is virtually unlimited
  • DOCUFY automatically adapts the software to new target systems and publication specifications


Server software plus native apps

TopicPilot is a DOCUFY standard solution for the easy publication of all types of information on mobile devices and the internet. TopicPilot consists of server software, a Web application, and native apps that run on various mobile operating systems such as iOS or Android and the respective end devices.

A quick successful search will save time 

Go on exactly where you left off: With the personal search filter, you can restrict search results to a certain machine or a specific activity. After saving the filter it can easily be applied on subsequent and deeper searches. This saves time and costs. And, of course, the personal search filter can also be synchronized for offline use.

Constant access to data

During internet access, information can be marked and downloaded for offline use, and can be organized and compiled individually using favorites lists. The search function is also available in offline mode, which gives users constant access to the information they need.

The latest standards

TopicPilot offers the latest security standards, which are also used for instance in electronic payment. Sensitive data can be stored on a company-operated TopicPilot server. The data is transferred in encrypted form, and access authorization can be managed so as to ensure that only authorized users have access to sensitive data.

Data structure supports searches

The highly efficient TopicPilot full-text search already provides excellent search results. Its accuracy can be enhanced greatly if there are classifying features in addition to user data. This ranges from file structures and attributes from a file system to more detailed classifications from editorial, ERP, and database systems. TopicPilot can use them for searches via data import, without the need for configuration.

Search facets make finding easier

TopicPilot offers a powerful full-text search. It makes it possible to search almost any data format and to find the required information unerringly. If further classifying features are available for the data, TopicPilot evaluates them and offers them to the user in the form of a facet search.

Find information the topic-based way

TopicPilot provides direct and precise access to the desired information. Specific information can be searched for independently of existing document structures. Not only is all multimedia content shown, but Additionally to all multimedia content, but more in-depth is also displayed with the additional “What’s related” function.

Mobile access to specific information

With TopicPilot, all process-relevant information can be made available digitally on mobile devices and on the web - child's play, fast and without an elaborate IT project. This allows you to support all company-relevant processes, for example in the areas of marketing, sales, assembly, commissioning, use, maintenance, support or disposal, optimally and cost-efficiently. Today and especially in the future of digital business processes.

Mobile publication platform

TopicPilot makes it easy to publish unstructured and structured information on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets and embedded devices), on the internet and on the intranet (HTML5). TopicPilot makes all company-wide information available at any time and any place.

Intuitive user guidance

Dedicated apps (Android and iOS) are available for mobile devices. Access from a web browser is enabled by a responsive user interface. The user guidance of the software is designed in such a way that it can be intuitively operated immediately without prior training.

Quick and easy

TopicPilot is offered as a cloud solution that requires no installation effort or IT infrastructure of its own. A detailed specification of the data import enables you to quickly and easily load existing databases into TopicPilot. Classifying metadata - if available - can also be imported and are immediately available for evaluation. No configuration of the TopicPilot software is required. For particularly sensitive information, it is also possible to operate the TopicPilot server in your own data centre.

Managing all data

TopicPilot can import and publish all standard data formats as they are. It supports Microsoft Office formats such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, as well as PDF and a wide range of image and video formats. Data is displayed on a specific viewer on the device.

Product Videos

With DOCUFY TopicPilot, the right information in the right place at the right time. Our video explains how.

Our Promise


You can immediately start using TopicPilot intuitively.


Join the world of enterprise mobility cost effectively and professionally – now!


Tobias Nelitz,
Consultant, DOCUFY GmbH

TopicPilot: Precisely tailored to your individual requirements profile.

TopicPilot professional And TopicPilot enterprise

TopicPilot professional is offered as a cloud solution and allows you web-based and mobile access to all functionalities. Adaptation to your corporate design is easily possible. To protect your data, we guarantee that the cloud data centre is located in Western Europe. TopicPilot enterprise offers the possibility to extend the standardised TopicPilot apps with customer-specific additional functions and to offer them under your company name in the App Store. In addition, your own hosting of the TopicPilot server in your data centre is also possible.

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