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Risk assessments for CE marking made easy.

docufy machine safety

DOCUFY Machine Safety

Simplify, speed up, and improve the generation of compliant risk assessments for CE marking. DOCUFY Machine Safety is a specialized software solution that helps you achieve full, efficient conformity with the EC Machinery Directive.

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Your benefits at a glance

Machine Safety


  • Usable at different locations as well as internationally
  • UK declarations of conformity and installation at the touch of a button


  • A central database ensures data security
  • Meets all the requirements of EN ISO 12100
  • Intelligent rights management protects data


  • Adaptable to your specific requirements
  • Connect to the COSIMA CCMS without a hitch

User friendly

  • Automatic use of existing partial assessments
  • Management of master copies for recurring risks
  • Traceability of various versions
  • Automatic generation of overall risk assessments as documentary evidence
  • Supporting information at the touch of a button
  • Automatic generation of declarations of conformity or incorporation in all official EU languages
  • Easy-to-use browser-based application


  • Regular updates from DOCUFY
  • All information regarding the compliant generation of risk assessments is saved in the system

Outstanding service

  • Fast and competent support
  • Specialist advice, service and training


  • We offer a 30-day free trial

Your gain

An optimum tool to help you address the EC Machinery Directive.

International functionality despite local installation

Global implementation of the system using a central database allows large international teams to work together effectively. Easy management of action points makes teamwork enjoyable. View your action points in the navigator or generate a report showing all current items and where action is required. If you don’t have access to the internet, then you can set up the system for local operation, allowing you to access your risk assessment data from wherever you happen to be, such as a construction site in Dubai or elsewhere.

Design engineers save valuable time

The specialized software quickly guides you through the entire CE marking process in a structured manner and supports the compliant generation of risk assessments during the construction process. It allows you to take preventive measures during construction, avoiding the need to use equipment to reduce risks at a later stage. The modular operation of the software means the content only has to be recorded once and can be reused or used in combination with other data (e.g., [partial] assessments of components, master copies for recurring risks, warnings, personal protective equipment, etc.) – ideally when components are reused in construction. There is no need for time-consuming research, since all the relevant norms, guidelines, lists of hazardous substances, and other factors are saved centrally in the system, where they can be accessed and used at the click of a mouse. Clear, comprehensible documentary evidence, including declarations of conformity or incorporation, can be generated in PDF format at the touch of a button.

Conformity with applicable laws in the event of damage or claims

In the event of damage or claims, the risk assessment is a fundamentally important document that the manufacturer can and must use to prove the CE conformity of the product. Documentary evidence created using DOCUFY Machine Safety guarantees the greatest possible level of security and can prevent threats to the existence of a company resulting from damage or claims. The CE conformity of products is documented in a way that demonstrably complies with the applicable laws. Compliance with the requirements of the EC Machinery Directive and EN ISO 12100 is guaranteed, as are automatic updates to standard headers. Internal standard header management ensures optimum control of your standards. The use of professional software minimizes liability risks (compliance), because every risk assessment can be created in conformity with EN ISO 12100. Compliance with formal requirements is also guaranteed at all times, because each risk assessment is generated according to the iterative process proposed in the EC Machinery Directive (including a SISTEMA interface for the documentation of performance levels).

The specialized software facilitates rapid, convenient working processes

The user interface is clearly arranged and virtually self-explanatory. As a result, there is no need for training or a familiarization period. The system is also easy to use after long breaks, making it ideal for occasional users. The specialized software is designed to support you intelligently. An interactive context menu suggests possible modules, and assessments can be compiled with just a few clicks of a mouse using the drag-and-drop and favorites functions.

Constant monitoring of important data

The central storage of all relevant data facilitates fast, direct access to information such as standard headers, EC directives, hazardous substances and the respective safety data sheets, photos and drawings showing hazardous areas, SISTEMA data according to DIN EN ISO 13849, and more. Amendments (such as amendments to norms) are also recorded centrally and applied to all affected risk assessments. As a result, minimal effort is required to ensure that assessments are current and to guarantee the highest possible level of security. Full traceability thanks to the system’s sophisticated version management feature means all users can see every change, even during the construction process.

Keep your data safe

Once the specialized software has been installed on your server, it is immediately available from every workstation at your company as a Web application. That makes it easy to include all the required individuals in the risk assessment and CE marking process. Smart management of roles and rights ensures that users only have access to areas for which they are responsible. The software protects your valuable construction data, which cannot be accessed from outside the company. DOCUFY Machine Safety is easy to integrate into your internal security network.

Interaction between operating instructions and risk assessments

DOCUFY Machine Safety is based on the program architecture of the COSIMA go! CCMS. Both systems can be operated using a common database. That allows information about safety, warning signs and notices, staff qualifications, and personal protective equipment included the risk assessment to be easily transferred to the operating instructions created with COSIMA go!. This link between operating instructions and risk assessments helps reduce the number of errors when transferring relevant content. A view showing relevant content that has not yet been transferred to the instructions supports users in this process. The “Information for operating instructions/user documentation” free text field also allows you to provide information to the technical writer directly from the risk assessment software.

Target-group specific information output

The information from the risk assessment can be used in numerous ways, across departments. As a result, DOCUFY Machine Safety offers a number of overviews, along with the document output for the risk assessment itself. They present information from the risk assessment in various ways. The system’s 15 overviews include notes for the operating instructions and user documentation, risk types, residual risk, safety notices, components and responsibilities, and signage. DOCUFY Machine Safety generates those overviews as printable HTML pages.

Assessment process

DOCUFY Machine Safety allows efficient risk assessment according to

the EC Machinery Directive - the ATEX Directive - Low Voltage Directive

Simply select the required assessment process.

Risk assessment according to EN ISO 12100

All potential hazards relating to a machine or system are systematically investigated in order to assess the associated risks. That information serves as the basis for confirmation of the product’s safety at the individual aspect level, or results in the need for specific improvements, depending on the type and severity of risk.

Risk assessment according to standard requirements

If the harmonized C standard with presumption of conformity is available for your product, it is possible to divide the creation process between the preliminary work of an (external) expert and the work of the design engineer. The special DOCUFY Machine Safety software enables the designer to concentrate on the essentials and keep everything in view at all times. After the expert has created the risk assessment template, the designer can use a checklist in DOCUFY Machine Safety to systematically confirm the normative requirements or mark them as not applicable. In this way, some points only need to be "checked off". The designer can describe his solution for each requirement.

Combination of both approaches

The software guides the design engineer through the assessment process in a structured manner. A supplementary conventional assessment (according to DIN EN ISO 12100) is possible at any time to address remaining hazards. As a result, DOCUFY Machine Safety offers a wide range of options for preparing and supporting risk assessment documentation in line with your work processes.

Ignition risk assessment according to the ATEX Directive

DOCUFY Machine Safety features a module that provides software support for the efficient compilation of ignition risk assessments according to the ATEX Directive. The new module was designed and programmed to meet the general requirements of the ATEX Directive, while also allowing adaptation to the individual needs of each manufacturer. The DOCUFY Machine Safety ignition risk assessment is designed to strongly reflect the traditional iterative risk assessment process.

Risk analysis and assessment according to the Low Voltage Directive

The creation of risk analyses and assessments according to the Low Voltage Directive is also possible with DOCUFY Machine Safety. This document is intended to confirm that your product complies with the electrical safety requirements. The procedure for performing a risk analysis and assessment according to the Low Voltage Directive is defined in CENELEC Guide 32, which is based on ISO/IEC Guide 51 and essentially describes the procedure of DIN EN ISO 12100. With the Low Voltage Directive license option from DOCUFY Machine Safety, you have the right tool to implement your analysis and assessment according to this procedure.

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