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The Component Content Management System for technical documentation

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The industry solution for creating good technical documentation the easy way.

Simplify, speed up, and create compliant technical documentation in no time at all. COSIMA go! is the ready-to-use, ready-to-go Component Content Management System (CCMS) for your documentation processes that you can adapt to your needs anytime – in mechanical and plant engineering, instrumentation and control engineering, medical technology, or software.

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Find out what our customers of Meister Strömungstechnik and Chiron can contribute to our cooperation:

You face the challenge of documenting an ever-growing number of product variants in an ever-shorter amount of time in a widening range of languages and publishing the documentation on paper, online, or on mobile devices. To help you do so, you are looking for a standard product that meets all of your current needs while also being ready for future developments.

COSIMA go! was designed as a ready-to-use CCMS. It is ready to go in no time flat. Our training and support options enable you to adapt the system yourself to suit your needs and processes. Thanks to our Scripting Interface, you can even program certain functions yourself. The best part? Even after a system update, you still have access to all configurations.

Do your innovative product and service ideas call for unique documentation solutions that are no longer possible with a purely standard system? No problem! You can migrate seamlessly at any time to our COSIMA enterprise CCMS, which offers almost unlimited customization and scalability options.

„Benefit from more than 15 years of experience in technical documentation!”

Our software is perfectly tailored to the responsibilities and activities of a technical writer.




Laura Bürkel
Consultant, DOCUFY GmbH

Your benefits at a glance



  • Intuitive, user-friendly management of all tasks from a central user interface
  • Clear, well-structured system with reusable modules (topics) and information structures that have proven their value in industry use

Complies with guidelines and standards

  • Documentation structures in line with the latest industry standards
  • Complies with Germany‘s Product Liability and Equipment and Product Safety Acts, EC guidelines, the EC Machinery Directive, the ”Low Voltage“ Directive 2014/35/EU, the ATEX Directive, DIN EN 82079-1, VDI 4500 Part 4, EN ISO 12100, DIN Technical Report 146, and more
  • Special edition for the U.S. market with safety symbols in accordance with ANSI Z535.6
  • Structures regularly updated whenever standards change


  • Automated, transparent, and 100% reliable completion of time-consuming tasks
  • Save time creating, editing, and translating documentation


  • Online connectivity to link and reconcile different locations and documentation processes
  • Simple inclusion of external documentation providers and service providers
  • Module editing in several source languages


  • Refined, tried-and-tested-system
  • Combined technical and industry-specific expertise and valuable practical experience


  • Preconfigured, ready-to-go, ready-to-use solution without time-consuming, complex and expensive programming
  • Just a few weeks of orientation are alle you need to start using the solution independently and productively
  • Minimum administration effort in ongoging operations


  • Embedded in the COSIMA enterprise architecture - additional functions and individual interfaces can be added at any time
  • Seamless integration into the existing IT landscape
  • Scalable to practically any dimension through COSIMA enterprise - for long-term security and investment protection


Sophisticated. Smart.
Absolutely practical.
The most important and most interessting functions:

Classification instead of Drag-and-drop

The new COSIMA still lets you put together documents from topics using drag-and-drop and filter individual manuals from master documents. You can also generate product-specific documentation based on a product configuration 100% automatically thanks to a fully configurable classification (such as Professor Dr. Ziegler‘s PI Classification method).

Revision certainty instead of the risk of mix-ups

Versioning allows you to “freeze” content, preventing unintentional changes to modules and documents. In addition, changes usually generate a new revision level. Copying ensures a complete, clearly structured history that is available quickly.

Linguistic diversity instead of exploding costs

Integrated translation management saves time and money, and guarantees a highly automated workflow. The system automatically compiles all the necessary files and makes them available, ensuring that only those modules that are not yet available in the foreign language currently needed get translated. Files can be easily exported an imported as a ZIP or hot folder. COSIMA supports the Common Translation Interface (COTI).

Automation instead of effort

Publish without post-editing: Define the layout of all your documents with the help of style sheets and use these to automatically generate a wide range of different target and output formats – such as TopicPilot, PDF, Word (DOCX), HTML, CHM (compiled/ online help) – from just a single data source.

Clarity instead of headaches

Cross-references, which are easy to create thanks to drag-and-drop, relieve technical writers’ headaches through intelligent differentiation. Is the target reference even available in the corresponding publication? Vital cross-references without a target generate a warning, making fast correction possible. Optional cross-references without a target are not displayed, pure and simple.

Variety instead of quantity

The validities function allows you to attribute content to product variants – at module level or for individual text passages. A variant filter ensures that only the content you truly need appears in the document to be published, eliminating the need to copy modules due to marginal differences in products.

Concordance instead of conflict

The management of software texts is based on the import and export of intentionally identical content in the form of resource files. Their use ensures that identical texts are used in the source and target languages in both the software and in the corresponding documentation.

Easy comparison instead of confusion

Diffing is geared toward comparing different versions and updates of modules or documents. New content is displayed in green, whereas deleted content is red and crossed out, making it easy to see at a glance every kind of difference in content.

Lightning-fast editing instead of never-ending story

The Web-based review client allows colleagues, vendors and customers to open, proofread, and comment on software documents or modules without a fuss. As the writer, you can then work through these comments directly in the editing environment or add your own comments to the module and resubmit it for a new read-through.

Proper technical language instead of alphabet soup

Terminology management allows you to determine which wording may be used in a document or publication – and which wording may not. The differentiation between preferred, prohibited, and permitted wording provides you with reliable support when it comes to creating, proofreading, and editing your documents.

Autocomplete instead of style puzzles

While you write, this feature compares the sentence you have just begun with content already available in the system. If it detects similarities, you get suggestions about the wording of the sentence you are working on. This ensures continuity in terms of style, plus consistent text quality, and it saves you time, effort, and (translation) costs.

Conversion instead of typing

Import and editing made easy: The handy Word Importer reads the basic structure of your current Word documents, adapts them into the system as corresponding information objects, and “translates” them into XML. A Word export function is also available in addition to the PDF publishing option.

At the press of a button instead of time and effort

The freely configurable PI Classification in COSIMA defines an Information Space in which all your relevant information can be stored and clearly identified. The Publication Configurator uses this Information Space and lets you generate any documentation you want individually and 100% automatically based on a product configuration.

Text reference instead of design confusion

Using IGEL, the new graphics tool in COSIMA, you can directly enter position numbers into the Component Content Management System and then align, move, delete and copy them. Existing images without callout information can also be transformed into IGEL images during the editing process to be ‘igled’. In order to set position numbers precisely, just zoom in and out of opened images. Image legends are automatically generated using the callout information.

Design flexibility instead of programming

Our graphics tool helps you to easily design, customize, and manage layouts for PDF and online media. Via the intuitive web interface, you can adapt changes to your corporate design at any time without the need for expert knowledge.

Our promise


Just five days on average is all you need to start using COSIMA go! productively.


Dr. Holger Rath
Productmanager COSIMA, DOCUFY Layouter, DOCUFY GmbH

DOCUFY knows the processes behind technical documentation thanks to its years of experience in the fi eld. We look to the challenges and responsibilities that writers face in their everyday work for guidance when enhancing and adding features to COSIMA. We also take relevant changes in regulation and legislation into account. As a result, you can be assured that your editing processes are always smooth and comply with the latest legal requirements.

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