docufy maintenance manager

Cloud-based software for optimised maintenance processes

docufy maintenance manager

DOCUFY Maintenance Manager

Software for optimised maintenance processes

Make predictive maintenance a reality with DOCUFY Maintenance Manager. By integrating periodic maintenance tasks with machine-related data, the DOCUFY Maintenance Manager opens the door to forward-looking, resource-optimised maintenance. For service technicians, this means having all the necessary information and tasks to be completed in the right place, at the right time and for the right machine variant. Manufacturers can cut their maintenance workload and costs, meaning happy customers all round.

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Are you facing the challenge of optimising your maintenance processes? Are you keen to avoid downtime and minimise maintenance periods? Are you looking to achieve maximum availability and maximum machine throughput at a minimum maintenance workload?

DOCUFY Maintenance Manager will level up your maintenance. The cloud-based application generates dynamic maintenance lists for complex machines and systems, providing valuable assistance when it comes to manufacturer service teams and machine operators performing maintenance.

Industry 4.0 applications such as sensor systems, automation components and 3D printing are making machines and systems increasingly diverse and complex. The DOCUFY Maintenance Manager helps your service technicians plan and perform their maintenance tasks, giving you a key competitive edge.


“A tool developed by maintenance technicians, for maintenance technicians, which has been a hit with our customers since day one.”



The DOCUFY Maintenance Manager is an optimal way of implementing maintenance tasks and enhances overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).


Gregory Ferch
Product Manager, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG



Productive and efficient

  • Automatic creation of maintenance jobs
  • Precision maintenance planning based on available resources
  • Avoiding of technical outages and unnecessary machine downtime
  • Cutting of service costs for machine manufacturers
  • Reduction of maintenance costs for machine operators
  • Optimisation of goodwill gestures and warranty claims


  • Intuitive, user-friendly management of all maintenance tasks
  • Centralised data processing and simple analysis
  • Simplified machine documentation
  • PC, tablet and smartphone applications – available both online and offline
  • Digital machine record
  • Simple mapping even of complex machines with a large number of variants


  • Information entry in the correct language at the right maintenance point
  • Direct feedback to the service manager in the app
  • All information available offline
  • Big data analysis


Transparent & secure

  • Verifiable logging of maintenance activities
  • Extraction of key indicators for machine (maintenance) status
  • Transparency across the full maintenance history of the machine
  • Transparency regarding customer maintenance activities


Sophisticated. Smart.
Absolutely practical.
The most important and most interesting functions:

Scheduled not hoped for

The DOCUFY Maintenance Manager puts you in a position to schedule maintenance on an ad hoc basis, according to a defined list of tasks or on the basis of available resources. Pending tasks are planned as orders using a system interface or via the online interface. The automated prioritisation system ensures that the most urgent work is completed first, guaranteeing optimum maintenance coverage. DMM puts you in a position to schedule maintenance on an ad hoc or regular basis, according to a defined list of tasks or on the basis of available resources. Pending tasks are planned as orders using a system interface or via the online interface

Direct expertise not indirect knowledge

Mass customisation by experts: The simple management tool allows you to work through all of the maintenance activities and tasks independently of one another and can be customised precisely to meet your needs or those of your customers. This best practice sourcing strategy ensures that implied knowledge becomes direct expertise and no skills are lost.

Knowledge not misunderstanding

The interactive maintenance reports developed in conjunction with communication specialists will revolutionise the way you see maintenance reporting. All maintenance activities the customer is permitted to see can be shared, ensuring clear and concise communication with the customer that is free of any misunderstandings without jeopardising business-critical intellectual property.

Knowledge of maintenance status over guesswork

Your digital maintenance tool allows you to monitor the maintenance status of every maintenance point in real time. The data shows the full maintenance history of any machine, including whether any design changes have been made (provided work was completed using DMM).

Best practices not just theory

Optimal workload distribution for each machine (keyword: Pareto efficiency): DMM allows you to distribute the maintenance workload among manufacturers, operators and service partners in collaboration with your customers. This way, tasks can be tailored to the requirements of your maintenance object.

Matching CI not isolated solution

We design the DOCUFY Maintenance Manager to match your company’s corporate identity, with your logo and colour scheme.

Interfaces not intricacy

Thanks to the open and secure microservice architecture of our RESTful cloud application, you can read out data or use workflows to transfer data to third-party systems at various points in the DOCUFY Maintenance Manager. Integration into systems such as SAP is extremely straightforward as a result, making it possible for completed maintenance tasks to trigger offer requests from ERP systems, for instance.

Availability not hold-ups

As a SaaS application, the DOCUFY Maintenance Manager always meets the highest standards of availability and performance with minimal maintenance workload for your internal IT team. Regular audits ensure guaranteed security.

System access not knowledge gaps

Our native mobile apps provide full system functionality after synchronisation, so you can access key data even without an internet connection. The next maintenance expedition to the Arctic Circle awaits...

Clean documentation not variant confusion

Technical documentation is integrated directly into maintenance activity. Service technicians can call up maintenance instructions directly and, in turn, add their findings from maintenance work into the technical documentation. Maintenance activities are kept up to date for each variant in COSIMA, including videos and photos. This form of dynamic documentation is a key part of the process of establishing a digital twin.

Clear answers not explanation attempts

The content of any maintenance task can be changed on a data-driven basis. In other words, maintenance statuses or fields in the user interface can be specified by design and content management teams and simply selected by the technician. This intelligent condition-fields approach in the DOCUFY Maintenance Manager opens up the possibility of detailed requests for reporting, analysis and troubleshooting across the entire machine fleet.

Keeping track not losing track

Technicians working in the field can check part usage with a single click while performing maintenance, ensuring that spare parts are never in short supply.

Our promise


Reduce maintenance activities by up to 25%,
cut unscheduled machine outages by up to 50%
and shorten the time required for maintenance reports by up to 80%


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