COSIMA 6.5 from DOCUFY: from professional Component Content Management System to a company’s knowledge pool

DOCUFY is taking content management to a whole new level with COSIMA release 6.5: Originally developed just for technical documentation, the software solution is set to become a company-wide knowledge pool for digital companies as part of the new Multi-Level Documentation from DOCUFY. COSIMA is the heart and soul of the coordinated product chain.

Bamberg, October 26, 2016. DOCUFY’s software solutions put companies in a position where they are able to network all of their company-relevant content at multiple levels in Information Spaces, which can then be utilized by all business units as a result. This makes it possible to use valuable information from technical documentation – all machine-related data, information on risks and operation, different variants, data sheets, photos, videos, and more – throughout the company, in sales, assembly, customer service, marketing, and construction. COSIMA keeps all this data intelligently addressed in an Information Space. The mobile publication platform TopicPilot makes content available online and offline, 24/7, anywhere in the world. That is the DOCUFY Multi-Level Documentation strategy.

COSIMA 6.5 has been optimized throughout the component content management

COSIMA is the heart and soul of Multi-Level Documentation. Companies can use COSIMA go! or COSIMA enterprise depending on their needs. COSIMA go! is the ready-to-use, ready-to-go Component Content Management System (CCMS) for all documentation processes that users can adapt to their needs anytime – in mechanical and plant engineering, instrumentation and control engineering, medical technology, or software. Users can essentially start creating technical documentation right away. COSIMA enterprise is the standard CCMS that users can flexibly adapt and expand in line with their needs. Customer-specific information models can be configured with ease, while existing data and data structures are simply migrated.

It used to be that any edition of COSIMA was used by only one department: technical documentation. Today, this department still adds data and topics to the XML database. However, all business units – and even customers themselves – now have access to this information. The mobile publication platform TopicPilot makes it possible to access the valuable knowledge from COSIMA 24/7, from anywhere in the world (depending on user authorization).

Support for augmented reality apps

As a result, DOCUFY has optimized functions and usability for the creation of technical documentation in the latest release, COSIMA 6.5, while also further improving the way the links in the product chain work together in Multi-Level Documentation. The latest release also supports augmented reality (AR). A new type of link makes it possible to record special AR links in COSIMA and publish them in TopicPilot and an additional AR app. This app supports users in finding and exploring elements and components in AR.

COSIMA filters information for the mobile publication platform TopicPilot

Metadata and validity domains are provided in COSIMA for faceted searches in TopicPilot. Publication targets form the interface between COSIMA and TopicPilot. In COSIMA, they define the amount of information that is to be made available in TopicPilot and set the interval for publishing new content and depublishing outdated content.

Now with support for unstructured file formats

COSIMA go! 6.5 now also supports a number of new, unstructured formats, such as Adobe graphics files from Photoshop; Illustrator and Corel files; texts in Microsoft Office formats such as Word, Excel, or Powerpoint; and MP4 videos. This makes it possible to feed a company’s knowledge pool, the Information Space, with data from nearly any source. Because COSIMA is scalable to practically any dimension, there are no limits to the amount of data.

Additional improvements to technology and usability

DOCUFY has also made a number of technical usability improvements in COSIMA 6.5. By refining their preferences and default settings, users can now specify more precisely the background activities that they would like to be informed about, such as the creation of formats or translation orders.

Double-click mode improves user support and can be adjusted. Users can also disable various confirmation dialogues as they see fit. The third-party software used has also been updated, meaning that the rich client now runs version 11 of the XMetal XMAX editor.

COSIMA: the system for forward-thinking companies

Uwe Reißenweber, General Manager of DOCUFY, said about the new release: “We know the processes behind technical documentation thanks to nearly 20 years of experience. We look to the challenges and responsibilities that writers face in their everyday work for guidance when enhancing and adding features to COSIMA. We also take relevant changes in regulation and legislation into account. As a result, our clients can rest assured that their content management processes are always smooth and comply with the latest legal requirements. We also help our clients be future-proof in the era of digitalization and Industry 4.0. That makes us an ideal partner for many companies.”


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