The world is changing

Information is the lubricant of the digital world

The world is changing.
Digitalization and Industry 4.0 are making information increasingly important.
It is the lubricant of the digital world.

The challenge

Individualization replaces standardized products

Standardized products produced in large quantities are becoming rarer. Customers can choose from a comprehensive range of functions to configure individual products.

The right information at the right time

Saving the associated information in individual documents is becoming unthinkable. We want exactly the information we need in every situation; in the right place, at the right time.

The right information for every application

We want to have quick answers to new questions: "Is this information relevant now?", "Is it still up to date?", "What are other customers saying?", "Do we have new insights from the service?"

Structuring and assigning individual information

The traditional document has reached its limits.
We need flexible, self-contained information units that can be created independently and combined as needed. That requires an intelligent system.

Our solution

Welcome to the Information Space!

The Information Space depicts objects from the real world. The associated information components are created individually and assigned appropriately. They are known as “topics.”

Information components with unambiguous adresses

Each topic has an unambiguous address in the Information Space. That allows the required information to be flexibly compiled and published for the specific application:
As a printed document, mobile on a smartphone or in an augmented reality application.

Always open for new information

New information can be added to the Information Space as a topic and assigned at any time: “Are there any customer comments yet?”, “How are existing users rating the product?”, “What is the service department saying?”

The Information Space is the knowledge pool of a company

The Information Space pools knowledge from the entire product life cycle in a single location.

That is the future of successful technical documentation.

Your benefit

The right information at the right time in the right place

All relevant information of a company is stored in the Information Space. New insights can be added at any time. This knowledge pool can be published via web browsers, displays of machines or on mobile devices, e.g. smartphone, tablet or virtual reality glasses. This ensures fast and accurate access to the desired information. The knowledge gathered in this way helps to optimize products and processes. It can thus generate added value in different applications:

Your customers

Added value for your customers: Before customers buy a product, they want to get detailed information about technical data or functionality and independent ratings of other customers etc. Therefore customers will benefit greatly if all relevant information is directly assigned to the product. For example: A customer sets his favored car using a product configurator. There he can directly find out about the functionality and advantages of certain functions. He can also read customer reviews. Thus he will find all the important information that affects his decision in one place.

Your technicians

Added Value for your technicians: With the Information Space you can retrieve information context-dependently, e.g. via mobile devices. Service technicians no longer need to hold gigantic files in order to search for the relevant information. He can simply scan a QR code and will then get exactly the information he needs on his mobile device. He can also read comments from other technicians who might have provided additional information or tips and tricks.


Added Value for sales: For sales it is particularly helpful to be able to access all relevant product information in one place: What does the product do? What are its advantages? What is its benefit? Other customers have rated the product very well, etc. With the help of the Information Space, you will have all the details in one place, exactly when you need them: photos or films, device variants and technical data.

Our products

Our vision.
Your reality –

Our products define an Information Space that allows you to address individual information units (topics) and their variants just the way you need to. COSIMA and DOCUFY Machine Safety are our way of giving you the basic technology you need to provide information on various levels. TopicPilot is the key technology you need to penetrate the Information Space.

You would like to create your own Information Space? Our software solutions will help you: DOCUFY Machine Safety and COSIMA can provide content for your Information Space at various levels. TopicPilot penetrates the Information Space and gives you the opportunity to use your valuable content in a targeted manner.

Space for more information

Blog posts, news, press releases. We'll keep you posted on the subject of the Information Space.

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