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Tailored training program

We now offer you a wide range of training courses and options to help you enhance your expertise and make your day-to-day work more efficient.

The DOCUFY Academy training program features regular standard courses as well as individualized in-house seminars that are custom tailored to fit you and your DOCUFY product.

We are there to support you along your path to multi-level documentation. With our constantly growing selection of special offers and training courses, we make sure that your path remains inspiring and successful.

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Dr. Natalia Schall
Head of DOCUFY Academy

Tel. +49 951 / 208 59-6

Training dates


04-21 - 04-22-2020

COSIMA go! Getting started

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COSIMA go! Basic Know-how

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 DOCUFY Machine Safety Basis-Know-how

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COSIMA: Don't click - script!

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  • Introduces new users to COSIMA go! in a practical way and with many exercises.
  • Term: 2 days
  • Next training: 07-21/22-2020
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Further information

  • Provides interested beginners with an overview of the most important COSIMA go! features.
  • Term: 1 day
  • Next training: 10-28-2020
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Further information

  • Introduces advanced and IT-experienced COSIMA users to the automation of processes and the functions of scripting.
  • Term: 1 day
  • Next training: 11-28-2019
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Further information

  • Introduces advanced COSIMA go! users to the possibilites of system administration and configuration in the web and rich client.
  • Term: 1 day
  • Next training: 11-27-2019
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  • Introduces the basics of the software to generate risk assessments.
  • Term: 1 Day
  • Next Training: 09-16-2020
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Further Information

Further information

Did you know that...

  • ... our courses last from 9 am to 4 pm?
  • ... all our one-day seminars cost € 550,- and that we offer companies a discount for each additional participant?
  • ... our travel tips make getting to your seminar a breeze: Directions & Parking Options

And did you also know that...

  • ... we provide coffee, fruit and lunch to keep you happy, healthy and motivated?
  • ... we recommend the following hotels and will be happy to make reservations for you? Hotel Recommendations
  • ... Bamberg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers a wide range of cultural amenities to make your stay one to remember

Your benefits at a glance

The knowledge you need


  • First-hand knowledge about DOCUFY products
  • Instructors undergo constant additional in-house training


  • Training courses focused on particular target groups (e.g., writers/editors, translation managers, information managers, etc.)
  • Offers for every level of knowledge (beginner, advanced, expert)


  • Efficient training organization for smooth sailing
  • Constant evaluation and implementation of participant feedback

Our service for you


  • Support to help you choose the right course
  • Transparent pricing concept
  • Easy sign-up


  • Comprehensive training materials
  • Certificates of participation
  • Talk to other professionals during a casual lunch


  • Friendly, supportive training atmosphere
  • Light and airy classrooms
  • Lunch and refreshments included

Additional services

Customized training offers

  • In-house standard seminars
  • Customized training courses
  • Courses designed with system changes in mind
  • Online use and application consulting


  • Support for system roll-outs
  • Define system changes
  • Process optimization
  • Creating and configuring PI classifications based on client systems
  • ...additional topics are available upon request


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