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We will guide you along the path to becoming a technical documentation expert!

about us

About DOCUFY Academy

Our trainers and consultants shape, influence and develop the quality of our services. Based on their technical, methodical and didactical competencies they impart knowledge about our software products and new concepts - individually tailored to your needs.


I'm happy to help!

Dr. Natalia Schall
Head of DOCUFY Academy

Tel. +49 951 / 208 59-6


Our experts

Holger Matthes

COSIMA Trainer and Consultant

Philipp Delph

COSIMA Trainer and Consultant

Ulrike Neppig

COSIMA Trainer and Support

Alina Geuppert

COSIMA, DOCUFY Layouter Trainer, Technical Writer

Dominik Glaser

Scripting Trainer and Software Developer

Laura Bürkel

COSIMA Trainer and Consultant

Our promise

Further information

Did you know that...

  • ... our presence training courses run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and our online training courses from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and online seminars from 9 a.m. to 12 noon?
  • ... our trainings and seminars are cheaper if you book earlier: Prices and cancellation conditions (PDF)?
  • ... our travel tips make getting to your seminar a breeze: Directions & Parking Options
  • ... our partner kothes offers courses for creating manuals?
  • ... our partner tecteam offers basic courses for technical writers?

And did you also know that...

  • ... you don't need anything special in terms of technology for our online seminars and trainings apart from a headset and a (larger) monitor?
  • ... our trainers can also "look over your shoulder" during online trainings and support you with practical exercises?
  • ... we provide coffee, fruit and lunch in our presence trainings to keep you happy, healthy and motivated?
  • ... we recommend the following hotels and will be happy to make reservations for you? Hotel Recommendations
  • ... Bamberg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers a wide range of cultural amenities to make your stay one to remember

Your benefits at a glance

The knowledge you need


  • First-hand knowledge about DOCUFY products
  • Instructors undergo constant additional in-house training


  • Training courses focused on particular target groups (e.g., writers/editors, translation managers, information managers, etc.)
  • Offers for every level of knowledge (beginner, advanced, expert)


  • Efficient training organization for smooth sailing
  • Constant evaluation and implementation of participant feedback

Our service for you


  • Support to help you choose the right course
  • Transparent pricing concept
  • Easy sign-up


  • Comprehensive training materials
  • Certificates of participation
  • Talk to other professionals during a casual lunch


  • Friendly, supportive training atmosphere
  • Light and airy classrooms
  • Lunch and refreshments included

Additional services

Customized training offers

  • In-house standard seminars
  • Customized training courses
  • Courses designed with system changes in mind
  • Online use and application consulting


  • Support for system roll-outs
  • Define system changes
  • Process optimization
  • Creating and configuring PI classifications based on client systems
  • ...additional topics are available upon request


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