Setting a joint course for success:

Heidelberg paves the way for new digital business models with DOCUFY, and revolutionizes the world of service

DOCUFY GmbH has been a Heidelberg Group Company for roughly one year. On the journey toward becoming a digital, agile company Heidelberg relies on the software and concepts for intelligent handling of information from its new subsidiary DOCUFY. This is because the digital exchange of information between machine engineers and users at every stage of the production process is creating new opportunities for optimization in the age of Industry 4.0. With the service-as-a-service concept, Heidelberg, together with the DOCUFY solutions, is now creating ideal conditions for new digital business models. Heidelberg aims to automate and digitize service processes, whose solutions will also be offered to Heidelberg's industrial customers. For Maintenance 4.0, Heidelberg is combining existing service solutions with DOCUFY's services to offer innovative processes and tools, such as electronic maintenance tables, through which Heidelberg and Heidelberg's industrial customers can achieve significant increases in efficiency and customer value in service.

Bamberg, June 8, 2018. – As part of its digital transformation, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) acquired DOCUFY GmbH in Bamberg one year ago. Heidelberg has used the software solutions developed by DOCUFY (including COSIMA and TopicPilot) and the concept of the Information Space to supplement the portfolio of its Heidelberg Digital Platforms division. In doing so, it has simultaneously created suitable conditions for smart service concepts, which are becoming increasingly important within this context. Together with DOCUFY, Heidelberg has already developed new solutions to optimize its service business by combining and developing the existing products in this way. The implementation of Maintenance 4.0 is one of their first successful collaborations.

COSIMA and TopicPilot by DOCUFY create basis for Maintenance 4.0

In order to successfully implement digitalization strategies, tools are required to translate theory into practice. The joint portfolio already contains suitable tools for implementing Maintenance 4.0 and organizing services. For example, COSIMA, DOCUFY’s component content management system, can be used to track the maintenance steps for various machines and link them to descriptions of the way that maintenance is carried out.

In turn, the mobile publication platform TopicPilot by DOCUFY transmits all of this information to the service technician’s smartphone or tablet. What is special about this is that specific maintenance lists can be displayed there for each machine and maintenance interval. The integrated log function allows the user to tick off maintenance steps that have already been carried out, to add images and comments to them, and to save them centrally in the system. Heidelberg’s platform solution View2Connect then even presents maintenance tasks in a 3D model.

Heidelberg is already using COSIMA in a charging technology pilot project for electric vehicles, among other things. Linking COSIMA with View2Connect allows the user to simultaneously generate an interactive 3D catalog of replacement parts and service instructions in 2D or 3D for the first time.

Integration is being felt both inside and outside

“Within the shortest period of time, we have successfully integrated DOCUFY into Heidelberg and our growth strategy. Thanks to the committed team at DOCUFY, ‘Heidelberg goes Digital’ works in both directions – internally, we have been able to accelerate the expansion of our digital business models using data-based service concepts. For our industrial customers, we are consistently using our service-as-a-service vision to develop our portfolio into a new service concept,” says Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hermann, Management Board member and Chief Digital Officer at Heidelberg.

About service as a service
Industry 4.0 is bringing the issue of process optimization to the fore. With their service-as-a-service concept, DOCUFY and Heidelberg Digital Platforms are helping providers and machine and system operators to digitalize and automate their service processes – with suitable processes and tools on one open platform.

DOCUFY is a wholly owned subsidiary of Heidelberg. The company is a leading software manufacturer for multi-level documentation systems and is the first provider of Multi-Level Documentation. Besides its software products, DOCUFY also offers consulting and development services and professional support. The ISO 9001:2015 certified company is based in Bamberg and employs around 100 people. The software specialist also markets its multilingual software worldwide via a network of partners.

DOCUFY software solutions
COSIMA go! is a fully developed, ready-to-go Component Content Management System for the documentation process that can be adapted to meet specific customer needs at any time – whether for mechanical or plant engineering, measurement or control technology, or software.

COSIMA enterprise is the proven Component Content Management System that you can flexibly expand and adapt to accommodate specific needs. Customer-specific information models can be configured with ease, and importing master data and existing data structures is simple.

DOCUFY Layouter is a ready-to-go cloud solution to easily create, store and customize your own output layouts. The web interface is intuitive and easy to use. Output layouts can be loaded directly into COSIMA or TopicPilot.

DOCUFY Machine Safety is specialist software that can be used by companies to comprehensively comply with EC Machinery Directive specifications with maximum efficiency. It simplifies, accelerates, and improves the process of creating risk assessment for CE marking in line with legal requirements.

TopicPilot is an out-of-the-box solution you can use to easily publish all company-wide information on mobile devices, on the intranet, and on the web. You can start working with TopicPilot right away using existing data files. The powerful full-text search is another essential component of the application.

About Heidelberg
Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Aktiengesellschaft has been a reliable and highly innovative partner to the global printing industry for many years. For more than 160 years we have stood for quality and future viability. Customers are at the heart of the business, and the customer-centric approach is continually advanced. The company has geared its portfolio towards the growth areas of our industry. It is based on products for prepress, printing and further processing, service, consumables and software solutions, with a strong focus on a digital future.
Our mission is to shape the digital future of our industry. The effects of the general digitization of society can always be seen – moving away from mass production and towards individualization. Beyond the printing industry, we are also addressing new markets with our digital platform for industrial customers.


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