Mobilizer from DOCUFY: TopicPilot 3.0 provides access to all data in an Information Space

No matter whether a company is already working with a multi-dimensional Information Space or is just starting to implement a knowledge management system, TopicPilot from DOCUFY is an out-of-the-box solution for the simple publication of all company-wide information on mobile devices, on the intranet or the web. The software allows the import of data from different sources or content management systems and publication in a range of formats, such as images, videos, Office documents and PDFs. The new release, TopicPilot 3.0, is the first to give users the ability to permanently save searches in the form of a personal filter – saving time and reducing stress.

Bamberg, Germany, September 12, 2017. – In time for this year’s tekom Annual Conference, a key gathering of the technical communication industry, DOCUFY presents a new release: TopicPilot 3.0. TopicPilot makes all company-wide information available in device-specific formats (e.g., for iOS and Android). The mobile publication platform enables rapid, direct access to specific information of any kind, anywhere and at any time. The provision of information is dynamic. The new release will offer users even greater personalization of search functions and numerous other features to help them work more efficiently.

Personal filter saves searches

The most important function, the ability to intelligently search for and find topics, has been optimized in the update. A personal filter allows users to permanently save their searches. Particularly when it comes to large systems or repeated activities, efficiency can be increased considerably by using existing filters, enabling users to get back to work quickly. For example, a service technician starts a search by scanning a QR code containing a machine number. Then he or she can save a search relating to an upcoming order accordingly under “My Filter.” That lets the service technician limit all subsequent searches to that specific machine and find instructions and machine-related information in a targeted manner. The saved search can be activated as a filter at any time or accessed again via “Collections” in TopicPilot.


Automatic maintenance tables with links to the respective topics

The new linked maintenance tables feature also saves time and reduces stress. COSIMA offers semantic tables of maintenance tasks and intervals that are easy to edit and maintain, and are automatically displayed to service technicians on location in the form or maintenance tables in TopicPilot. What’s special about this feature is that the individual maintenance stages are linked to the respective topics – in other words, the specific instructions. Check boxes show which maintenance activities have to be carried out in the respective maintenance interval.

Asynchronous transfers between COSIMA and TopicPilot

Transfers between the COSIMA Component Content Management System and TopicPilot, the content delivery portal, can be carried out rapidly across system boundaries. New asynchronous synchronization of publications and topics between COSIMA and TopicPilot now also allows the system to be used in restrictive network environments. Optimized harmonization saves time and reduces transfer costs.

Sortable facets and hidden subtrees

The new ability to sort facets and hide subtrees makes search results more manageable. Facets are maintained centrally in COSIMA, which allows writers to sort information classes for end users according to the product life cycle and across all languages. The writer can also “hide” specific subtrees of the product class that are important in editorial work and in interactions with external applications from end users in TopicPilot. This means users will only see the information that is relevant to them personally.

What the future holds: Windows client allows offline work

As if that weren’t enough, TopicPilot will include a Windows client as a standard feature starting in the second quarter of 2018. Users will be able to use the mobile publication platform as a Windows application with an offline function. This is a huge advantage for service technicians in particular, who are often equipped with a Windows notebook or Surface device with specific software. The new TopicPilot Windows client offers access to topics on the go – all without apps but with the same range of search and filter functions.
Visitors to tekom will be able to try out the new TopicPilot and discover the advantages of its new features at the DOCUFY booth. The entire DOCUFY trade fair booth will take the form of a multi-dimensional Information Space in which visitors will move around, navigating through topics.

On Thursday, October 26, 2017, from 12:15 to 1 p.m., TopicPilot Product Manager Christoph Beckmann will give a talk titled “Digitalization 1, 2, 3: How to successfully use augmented reality in customer communication” in room C5.2.


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