Customers, projects, employees: DOCUFY achieves exponential growth in the first quarter

DOCUFY develops professional software systems for technical documentation, is the first company to offer multi-level documentation, and continues to grow. Last year the company, which is based in Bamberg, Germany, employed approximately 80 people. In the first three months of the year it has hired ten additional staff in order to meet the needs of its growing customer base.

Bamberg, Germany, April 5, 2017 – In the age of digitalization, intelligent information management is essential. That’s why a growing number of customers who want to use their content throughout their company and rapidly achieve enterprise mobility are turning to DOCUFY GmbH. Its TopicPilot is a simple out-of-the-box solution for publishing company-wide information on mobile devices, intranets or the web.

Technical documentation represents a company’s knowledge pool

Content is provided using software originally designed for technical documentation. In today’s world, such information is far too valuable to be used only in operating instructions etc. Instead, technical documentation represents a company’s knowledge pool: It includes information about the entire product life cycle, from development, marketing and sales to installation, operation, maintenance and disposal, which is made available immediately and from mobile devices.

Uwe Reißenweber, General Manager of DOCUFY, comments: “Information is increasingly becoming the lubricant of our digital world, and what better source than technical documentation departments? They have been home to information specialists for decades.”

A need to rapidly establish enterprise mobility

A growing number of forward-thinking companies – from automobile and electronics groups to medical technology companies – recognize that need, and they are using software solutions from the Bamberg-based technical documentation specialist to achieve enterprise mobility. We have a long list of customers, which is getting longer every day.

Uwe Reißenweber: “Our software has unlimited scalability – but we continue to invest in qualified staff to make sure that we don’t exhaust our capacity. We are very happy that ten new employees have joined us in this quarter alone. In times when skilled workers are scarce, we enjoy a good reputation in the employment market, which allows us to fill all our vacancies.”

DOCUFY relies on highly qualified staff

The high level of qualification at the company is demonstrated by five employees with doctorates. “Our location in beautiful Bamberg certainly contributes to DOCUFY’s attractiveness,” adds Reißenweber. “Both of our offices are centrally located – but because we are bursting at the seams, we are currently exploring options to increase space.”

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